Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feng Shui on the Homestead, Introduction

The study of Feng Shui can fit well into homesteading because they are both about harmony and being in tuned to one’s surroundings.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and there are some basic Feng Shui ideas that can help us create a more peaceful home.

There are many schools and studies of Feng Shui, but we are just going to cover some basic guidelines and ideas. For more in depth studies there are many great books (see our library).

Getting Started:

When you walk into your home it should feel comfortable and welcoming; it should feel as though the energy flows freely and is not stagnant.

Sometimes something as simple as moving a piece of furniture can make a difference, or changing the color of throw pillows or a tablecloth. We look at the items in our home everyday and don’t really give them much thought, but some items can create negative feelings (a gift from a person we no longer get along with, for instance).

Reducing clutter is such a huge emotional release. We all have so much we hang on to “just incase.” That’s OK, up to a point, as long as the item has a home. Look around your house. Do you have a lot of things lying around you wish you didn’t? Clearing clutter can be an overwhelming task, but just tackle one small area at a time- a drawer today, closet tomorrow. Ask yourself why you are hanging onto an item. Do you use it, love it, or are you keeping it just because? Make sure you fill your home with things you really love.

There are some simple steps for each room in your house that can make a huge impact on the overall feel and energy flow of your home. We will look at each area separately.

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