Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Feng Shui on the Homestead: Part Three

The Living Room:

Your living room should be an extremely relaxing room in your house, a place to go to kick off your shoes and get comfortable.

Make sure the room is not over run by clutter and that the lighting is good. If necessary, add some lamps or candles to dark areas.

You should be able to see the entrance to the living room from chairs and couches. It can feel uncomfortable to sit with your back to the door.

Use colors you love to make the living room relaxing. What colors do you tend to lean towards? Try them as throw pillows or blankets.

Home Office:

If possible, place your desk at a diagonal in the farthest corner of the room, facing the door way. You want to face the entrance without being in direct line with it. This is considered a “power position.”

Be sure your desk is not full of clutter.

A crystal hanging over your desk is good for energy flow.

Yellow is a good color in a home office, as long as it is not overwhelming.


Water draining symbolized money draining; therefore the bathroom is a very important room in the house.

Green and blue are relaxing colors and can easily be added to a bathroom with towels.

It is not good for a bathroom to be located in the center of the house. If this is the case, place a mirror on all 4 walls and even on the outside of the door.

Fix any leaks, as they represent money dripping away.

It is best not to see the toilet when entering the bathroom. If possible place a screen or plant to block the view. If not possible, hang a wind chime half way between the door and toilet. This helps to create a positive energy flow.

If your bathroom is small and feels cramped, try painting the walls a light color or add candles and fresh flowers to brighten it up.


The bedroom should be used only as a bedroom, if possible, and not as an office as well; work and rest do not mix well. If you must have an office in your bedroom, try separating the two areas with a screen, curtains or other object to define the two spaces.

The foot of your bed should not directly face the door way, and the bed should be accessible from both sides.

The bed should be on a solid wall rather than under a window.

It’s best not to store anything under the bed; this allows for the best energy flow and will help you sleep better.

A round mirror in the bedroom will strengthen relationships; however do not place one directly across from your bed.

The room should be clutter free.

It’s best not to place your bed under a slanted ceiling. If moving it is not possible, hang something that symbolizes depth or movement on the ceiling, such as a colorful kite, scenery pictures, hot air balloon poster, waterfalls etc.

The Front Door:

Many people don’t even think about their front doors, but this is the first thing people see upon arriving at your home. The doorway should be clutter-free and welcoming.

Prune back any bushes or trees that conceal your door and be sure the door is easy to find.

Wind chimes and hanging plants encourage positive energy to your front door, as does a pretty door mat.

Your front door should not line up directly with the back door, use furniture or hang a wind chime or crystal to slow down the energy moving through your home.

Try to look at your entrance as though you were seeing it for the first time. Is it welcoming? (This applies to apartments as well) If not, what needs to be changed?


Feng Shui is a huge study-hopefully these few tips will spark your interest and you can explore from here. Lots of books have been written and there is so much to read. We have only highlighted a very few points. For us, Feng Shui has made us aware of little things, such as removing things from under the bed and sleeping better, and how much “lighter” we feel after cleaning out a closet or cabinet. It’s all about harmony and balance.


  1. Couldn't agree more.We practise it too and around this time of year have a good clear out and check all is working for us ready for a new year.

  2. I try to do a good clearing out at least once a year, too. Sometimes more if things are feeling bogged down.