Saturday, May 23, 2009

Herbs for Repelling Insects

Each year I enlarge my herb gardens and shrink my lawn. I try to plant herbs that will spread and serve more than one purpose. Repelling insects is just one of the many things these herbs will do, but that in itself is enough to warrant a place in my garden.

Basil: Rub on skin, it repels mosquitoes and flies.

Catnip: The scent is said to repel mice and rats.

: Moth repellent.

Hens and Chickens: Break open a leaf and rub on wasp stings.

: Repels ants.

Lavender: Rub on skin, it repels flies. Also acts as a moth and flea repellent.

Peppermint/Spearmint: Keeps away mosquitoes, ants and fleas.

: Repels mosquitoes.

Rue: Repels ants and ticks.

Sage: Repels mosquitoes.

: Dry the herb and it will repel moths.

: Repels moths, is a fly and mosquito deterrent.

Summer Savory: Rub on a bee sting to alleviate the pain.

: Rub on the coat of cats and dogs to prevent fleas. Hang indoors to repel flies. Place chopped leaves and flowers around your doorways to deter ants and mice. Tansy is one of our favorites. We hang it high in the cow stalls and put it in the chicken coop.

Thyme: Repels ants and mosquitoes.


  1. Thank you! I needed this information!


  2. You are welcome, Joey! This is the time of year for it.....