Thursday, May 28, 2009

Planting a Bed of Chocolate Mint

chocolate mint bed
Today I decided to work on the "less lawn, more garden" project and made a new raised bed for chocolate mint (my favorite tea). I marked a place off in the lawn with some small cedar logs, placed cardboard on the ground inside the logs to help kill the grass and started covering it. On top of the cardboard I put some food scraps that had not yet made it to the compost pile. Then I spread out a few bags of leaves left over from banking the house. Next came wheel barrow loads of finished compost (it took about 4 to fill this area). That was it. No tilling. I dug up some mint that I have growing along the driveway and planted it in the new bed. That easy, and now I have a nice spot for the mint to spread and grow.

Chocolate mint does not spread as fast as some other mints, nor does it get as tall. It does get little flowers mid summer, which the bees love. The taste is wonderful, minty, and yes, a bit chocolately. It is an herb that is great to share with friends, since it is not as commonly found as some of the other mints, and children love to run their hands through it (I love hitting it with the lawn mower, that nice sent fills the air).

As my obsession with less lawn and more plants takes hold, mints are finding their way here more and more. Be careful planting any mint. They will spread and can be very difficult to get rid of, plan your spots wisely.

I would love to find a creeping mint to use as a ground cover. That could just be the solution to my mowing problems.
chocolate mint plants

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