Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Companion Planting, The Enemies

We have been interested in garden companion planting for a few years now, but found that looking through different books to find what likes or dislikes what to be very time consuming. I decided to put together a chart of plants and have been adding to it over the years as we read about new companions. Here is the list of what we have compiled. This list is of which plant "Dislike" each other, the "Likes" are done on a separate post.

bush beans:
fennel, onion, garlic, beet, shallot
beet: tomato, spinach, marigold, pole bean
blackberry: raspberry
broccoli: lettuce, strawberries
brussel sprouts: garlic, beet, shallot, onion
cabbage: onion, strawberry, tomato
carrots: dill
cauliflower: strawberry, tomato
chard: pole beans
Chinese cabbage: pole beans, corn, tomato, strawberry
chive: bush beans, potatoes, peas, soy beans
corn: tomatoes
cucumber: potato, sage
garlic: brussel sprouts, beans, peas
kale: wild mustard
kohlrabi: pole beans, strawberry
leek: all beans, peas, soybean
lettuce: broccoli,beans, tomato, strawberry
melon: potatoes
onion: sage, peas, beans
peas: garlic, gladiolas, onion
peppers:beans, tomato
potato: sunflowers, onion, pumpkin,cucumber, raspberry, tomato
radish: hyssop, cabbage family
raspberries: blackberries, potato
rue: basil
sage: cucumbers
spinach: potatoes
tomatoes: corn, potatoes, kohlrabi
turnip: hedge mustard, cabbage family

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