Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Companion Planting, The Buddies

We have been interested in garden companion planting for a few years now, but found that looking through different books to find what likes or dislikes what to be very time consuming. I decided to put together a chart of plants and have been adding to it over the years as we read about new companions. Here is the list of what we have compiled. This page lists all the "Likes" of a certain plant, we have done the "Dislikes" on a separate post.

apple trees:marigolds, chives, garlic, borage
asparagus: basil, tomato, parsley
basil: deters flies/mosquitoes
bush beans: celery, cucumber, strawberry, eggplant, corn
summer savory, nasturtium beet onion, lettuce, cabbage
borage: deters tomato worm
broccoli: potato, onion, celery, oregano, nasturtium, cabbage, peas, tomatoes, beet
brussel sprouts: cucumber, pennyroyal
cabbage: nasturtium, rosemary, cucumber, celery, potato hyssop, dill, sage, tansy, thyme, rye flour sprinkled in morning dew kills cabbage worm
calendula: deters asparagus beetle, tomato worm, many others
carrots: peas, leeks, lettuce, radish, chives, onion, sage, rosemary
catnip: deters flea beetles
cauliflower: celery, carrots, potatoes, onions
chard: lettuce, onions, cabbage
Chinese cabbage: bush beans, marigold, onion, sage
chive: carrots, apple trees, roses
collards: tomatoes
corn: potatoes, peas, beans, cucumber, pumpkin, sunflower
cucumber: beans, corn, leeks, onion, peas, nasturtium,
chive spray for downy mildew, sunflower, radish
eggplant: beans, thyme, marigold, peas, spinach
fennel: plant away from everything
fig trees: pokeweed
flax: carrot, potato
garlic: deters Japanese beetles, aphids, weevils and fruit tree borer
grapes: hyssop, sage
horseradish: potatoes
hyssop: cabbage, grapes
kale: potatoes, sage, marigold, nasturtium
kohlrabi: beets, cucumber, onion, sage
leek: carrots, celery, onion
lettuce: cabbage, beet, carrots, garlic, onion, radish, cucumber
marigold: deters Mexican bean beetles, nematodes and many others
melon: morning glory, corn sunflower
mint: deters white cabbage moth and ants
nasturtium: deters aphids, squash beetle, striped pumpkin beetle
okra: peppers, eggplant
onion: summer savory, chamomile
parsley: tomatoes, rose
peach trees: garlic
peas: carrot, radish, tomato, nasturtium, corn, broccoli, caraway, turnip, cucumber
pennyroyal: deters ants, plant lice
peppers: marigold, nasturtium, carrots, onion, okra, oregano
petunia: deters beetles
potato: eggplant, marigold, nasturtium, horseradish, peas, corn, bean
pumpkin: corn
radish: carrots, peas, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, tomato, onions, nasturtium, mustards, beans, kohlrabi
rhubarb: cut off flowers for longer harvest
rose geranium: crushed leaves or oil acts as insect repellent
rosemary: deters cabbage moth, bean beetle, carrot fly and mosquitoes
roses: parsley, onion, garlic, mint, rue, banana peels
rue: roses, raspberry, deters Japanese beetle, deters flies in chicken coop
sage: cabbage, carrots, rosemary
spinach: cabbage, peas, onion, marigold, oregano, strawberry
squash: nasturtium, icicle radish (leave to seed)
stinging nettle: good for the compost pile, powered; add to chicken feed
tansy: fruit trees( deters borers), roses,raspberry,blackberry,grapes
thistle: adds potassium to compost pile
thyme: cabbage
tomatoes: cucumber, carrot, asparagus, chives, garlic, onion, celery, broccoli, cabbage, basil, parsley, bee balm, borage
turnip: peas, hairy vetch
valerian: good for the compost pile

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