Monday, June 29, 2009

Experiment: Making Malt Vinegar

malt vinegar experiment
We have had great success making apple cider vinegar, but are always wanting to try new things. We have been reading about malt vinegar, and decided we should try making that. We have read different ways to make it, but thought we would try the way we do ACV, so we opened a bottle of homemade beer (not sure if commercial beer would work because of additives, but that might be another experiment) and poured it into a sterilized quart canning jar. We then placed cheese cloth on top and set it in a dark place. We will check it in about 4 or 5 months.

After doing that, we read about someone who puts bread in wine to make vinegar, so we decided to do a second batch of experimental malt vinegar with beer and a piece of homemade sourdough bread. That is now sitting next to the first jar, and we will see if it goes any faster or tastes differently.

malt vinegar with bread experiment


  1. How are they turning out? I have made a number of wine, cider and mead vinegars using mothers collected from commerical raw apple cider vinegar. Like all ferment starters they are self replicating... I've been composting extra mothers :) I'd like to try malt vinegar, but I think I'm going to ferment some malt without hops first.

  2. Alyss, They are staring to smell a little like vinegar. I didn't put in any mother, so I know it will take longer.
    When you put a mother in to start a vinegar will the new vinegar pick up the taste of the mother? you know of any uses for mother (besides compost)?