Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Easy to Make Calf Feeding Bucket

Feeding calves with a bottle can be quite a chore, especially if you have more than one to feed. Our friend, Shawn, made up this bucket which makes the job of feeding a very easy one.

Bucket for Feeding Calves
Shawn took a 15 gallon bucket and cut off about half of the top, leaving the handle. About 4" from the top he drilled three holes and inserted a rubber nipple into each hole. He then cut three pieces of clear rubber (plastic) tubing long enough to reach the bottom of the barrel. One tube was inserted into each nipple.The opposite end of the tubes (at the bottom of the barrel) were slipped through a metal washer (to act as a weight to hold the tubes at the bottom of the bucket). A check valve was attached to the end of each piece tube.

Inside View of Bucket

We found that, after putting the milk/starter into the bucket, if we put a finger at the end of the nipple and squeezed it a few times so that the milk would work its way up the tube it made it a lot easier for the calves to start drinking.

This bucket has saved us so much work and made calf feeding much more enjoyable!

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