Friday, July 31, 2009

Garden Photos

Chicory This is chicory that we planted last year. It came back this year and we are letting it go to seed so we can save them for next year.

Mallow Bud
Mallow Bud We didn't plant this mallow, a bird or mysterious visitor did.

Beets Growing in Greenhouse
Beets Growing in Greenhouse The beets in the greenhouse are looking good!

Lavender Plant in Pot

Lavender Plant in Pot Usually this lavender plant will have flowers by now!

Black-eyed Susans
Black-eyed SusansRoad-side beauties!


  1. I'm letting some chickory go to seed, too. It's been so pretty to watch it meander among the celery and beans the last couple of months. The blue flowers are a bee magnent, too!

  2. Yes they are, our bees love them. I never realized what a beautiful flower chicory was until this year. It is the first time we've had it. It's worth growing just for the flower, although the greens are delicious!

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