Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Red Clover

Red Clover
An easy plant to grow in our garden pharmacy is the healing herb red clover. Most of us have red clover growing without ever having to plant it. It is abundant on roadsides and in fields. (Be sure if you are gathering herbs away from your home that you are certain they have not been sprayed.)

Red clover can be used to make wine, tea and tinctures. The part used in the flower. It also dries well. We dry some every summer to be sure to have a good winter supply.

By itself as a tea, red clover can taste very bland, so we combine it with other herbs such as lemon balm or mint. Honey can be added as a sweetener, if desired.

Red clover contains bioflavonoid, zinc, magnesium, choline, A, B & C vitamins and much more, so it is not surprising that it is reputed to be a blood purifier and cleanser.

It is said to help menopausal complaints, as well as kidney problems, liver disease, skin inflammations and helps a weakened immune system. It is also said to help prevent cancer.

For livestock, red clover is used in remedies for tumors, blood cleanser and infertility.
Drying Red Clover

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