Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Warming" Shelf

Bread Rising On Shelf
We have a propane refrigerator, which has a vent pipe on the back for the heat to escape.Vent Pipe On Frig A few weeks ago my husband came up with the idea to put a shelf up to take advantage of that heat from the vent for rising bread, making yogurt etc. We had two of these glass shelves that we salvaged from someone's remodeling project and thought one would work quite nicely. It does. We use the shelf for all our bread rising, we set our jars of homemade yogurt on them for easy yogurt making and the other night I made sour cream and set it on the shelf to sour. I placed a thermometer on the shelf and the temperature stays in the mid 80's right over the pipe, slightly less farther away from the vent. I place the yogurt right over the vent, and the rising bread a little away from it.

Shelf Over Frig