Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free Bees

Swarm of Bees
We have had honey bees here for the past 4 years and have had them swarm once in a while. Last week we had something new happen. A swarm came to us (not from our bees) and landed in our grape arbor. We are not sure if someone near by has bees that swarmed (we don't know of anyone within a mile that has bees) or if we had some swarm last year that we missed and they found a honey tree in the woods and have come back this year. Either way, it's free bees and we're excited.

These two photos show getting the swarm into a new hive; as long as the queen goes in the rest will follow.
Puttin the swarm into a new hive

Free Bees!


  1. Wow Nancy. My wife would have pulled out the turbo raid can and sprayed away from 20 feet. But we like honey. Why not tame the hive. Were you successful and are you now harvesting their honey? Keep us city folks posted. JN

  2. JN; Well, they are in the hive and seem to be happy. And it looks as though we have another one coming to us, moving into an empty hive on their own. Last year we harvested 32 gallons of honey, but had very bad luck over-wintering our bees. These few swarms will hopefully get us back in good shape. Tell your wife to get rid of the turbo raid(lol)! (I have to say I am nervous around them even though they are very calm; my husband does all the "bee" stuff)