Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's A Rotten Business

Tomato, Rotting On The Vine
All summer I look forward to the taste of the first garden tomato, warmed by the sun and juicy. Each year we have so many tomatoes that we can eat them every day, dry gallons of them and can about 75 to 100 quarts of the best roasted tomato sauce you ever tasted. Not this year. Because of all the rain and cool weather this summer our tomatoes are rotting on the vine. Horrible brown spots are all over them, and eventually they just fall off the vine, rotten.

There are 4 plants that, so far (knock on wood) don't seem to be bothered. I am keeping a very close eye on them and hoping that some of them will make it into a canning jar.

Tomatoes are usually a main stay for us each winter, from everything to sauce, to chili to just a good stock. I hate to think of an entire winter without them.

rotting/dying tomato plants
This will not make a good spagetti sauce!


  1. Too bad. Is it not tomato blight? I guess that would kill the rest of the vine, not just the fruits.

  2. I think it might be. It is the first time we have had this problem, so it's all new to me : (
    Meanwhile, lots of fried green tomatoes while they are still good. Even the ones that look good when I bring them in are rotting in the house before they can ripen.