Friday, September 4, 2009

Animals On The Farm: Photos

Some days I could spend hours watching the animals do their thing, be it humorous, or just down-right cute.

Ivan. Ivan is a 4 year old Call duck. He is our only male duck.
Ivan Takes A Bath

Annabelle and Clifford. Annabelle is about 4 months old (the brown one, she is a Scottish Highland) and Clifford is 3 months old.
Annabelle and Clifford

Casandra, an Indian Runner duck.


Killmouseski. Killmouseski was dropped off at our house a few weeks ago. She has made herself quite at home.

Killmouseski Behind Bars

Jasper, The Ruler of the House
Jasper & Friend

Rebecca. Rebecca is a 7 year old Khaki Campbell Duck

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