Monday, September 21, 2009


Firewood, Tree Lenght
Fall is my favorite time of year; the air is crisp, sunny days are abundant with vivid blue skies and the smells of all things fall are unbeatable. This includes the smell of freshly cut firewood.

Each year we say we are going to start our firewood early, and we never do. “Next year will be different,” we always say. However there is something about cutting wood in the cool days of fall that can’t be beat.

And now here we are, almost at the end of September and we are just getting trees out of the woods. They were cut down over a year ago and have gotten a good start on drying. We haul them out of the woods tree length (well, some are cut in half of thirds, depending upon the size) and we will cut them up and split them here in the yard. Six cords used to get us through the winter, however now we use the wood cook stove much earlier and later in the season so now we need about eight.

While I don’t enjoy the entire firewood process, I do enjoy stacking it. I love to see the empty wood shed getting fuller and fuller, stick by stick knowing how snug and warm we will be all winter.


  1. I'm the same way, every year "next year we're going to have at least 1 cord cut and ready by the end of summer. Every year come Sept we begin cutting firewood *~*

    Thankfully we don't need as much because our house is earthbermed but I do also use it longer for cooking.

  2. I hear ya Juli! Wood cooking has become a big part of our firewood, as well. I started using the wood cook stove a lot earlier this year.