Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recipe For Making Sauerkraut

We use a gallon size glass jar for making our sauerkraut, and a potato masher for packing the cabbage.

Be sure the glass jar is throughly washed and rinsed.

It will take about 4 heads of cabbage to fill the jar, depending upon the size of your heads of cabbage.

Trim off the outer leaves of the cabbage, quarter and remove the core.
Slice the cabbage into thin slices.

Layer some canning salt in the glass jar, then some cabbage,(tamper with the masher between additions)a bit more salt, more cabbage, more salt etc. until the jar is full to about 4 inches from the top.

Using the potato masher, tamper down your cabbage after each addition. You will need to really pack the cabbage into the jar. You will be able to draw enough juice from the cabbage to cover it.

Wipe away any pieces of cabbage from the top of the jar. Place a food storage bag inside the top of the jar, fitting into the cabbage the best you can to keep air out of the jar. Put water in bag. This will keep air out of the sauerkraut.

Place the jar inside a pan (the juices will leak out) and keep an eye on the level of the juice in the jar. Add more water as needed.

Keep at room temperature and taste after 2 weeks. If the taste it to your liking, put on cover and refrigerate. If the taste is not sour enough, let sit longer, tasting every week.


  1. hello there. glad i found your blog - actually glad you found my flickr and then i found your blog. i'll put a link to your blog via my bobo creek blog, because it sounds like we are into the same sort of things - although we are not actually on the land fulltime yet...
    kind regards,

  2. You are right, Kate, it does sound as though we like the same type of things. I am anxious to see/read how you work your land. Looks like you have a great spot.

  3. Try to add some black pepper, caraway seeds to the salt, and thinly slice onion to cabbage. Cover the bottom of the jar with wine leaves. You can also add 2-3 small apples to the jar. You will see the difference in the taste! :) That's the way we do it in the Czech Republic!

    1. Astheart...that sounds very good! Always looking for new ideas, thank you!
      ~ Nancy