Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome, No Name

No Name
Things change around here at a moments notice. We may make plans and think we are on top of things, but we are constantly proven wrong.

Last night we got a phone call around 7PM from a friend who had a chance to get a free day old bull calf. He has three horses and not a good place to raise a calf, so the question was, “Do you guys want to raise him for the summer?”

My husband and I talked it over for about 2 minutes and said, “Sure, why not.”

“Ok, I’ll be over with him in a few minutes.”

“Now!?” Oh yeah, that’s the way things happen here.

About half an hour later, No Name arrived. There is really no name that seems to fit him yet, so “No Name” it is.

I scrambled around to get our former sheep house ready for him (it had become a great storage area) and with the help of a bale of hay, I had a nice spot for him.

Now it’s bottle feeding three times a day. We’ve already had a halter on him, and little by little we will get him used to the electric fence.

Our Dexter cow, Molly, is quite interested, although she has not met him face to face yet. She spent last night sleeping outside his door. It will be interesting to see her reaction to him when they finally meet. Her calf is due later this month, and I have a feeling she will be mothering both of them.