Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Use For Old Lace

lace curtain cut-off
In the interest of "reusing and recycling" we are always trying to come up with clever ideas for unwanted items. Last night I was hemming some lace curtains and I had about an 8" piece that I cut off the bottom. Usually I save things like that for my crafty mother to use, but as I was folding it,I noticed the rough texture and wondered how a piece would work as a pot scrubber. So, I cut off a square of lace and scrubbed some dishes (actually I was cleaning my stove and used it on the burner covers). It worked really well, so I cut up the rest, folded them and put them in a stoneware bowl. Now I have some great pot scrubbers that look lovely until they are ready for use.

pretty pot scrubbers