Thursday, September 24, 2009

Using Straw Instead of the Lawn Mower

Bales of Straw
I really hate to mow. It seems like such a waste of time and gas to me; finish the job and it only has to be done over and over again.

We have pastured out a lot of our land, but anytime I can come up with ideas to cut back on mowing I am happy.

Our gardening is all done in raised beds but there is all the space between the raised beds that has to be mowed every 4 days or so all summer long (we have the most amazing grass that never stops growing.) I have been complaining about it for quite a few years and have even, in past years, stopped mowing all together. This only causes problems in as far as we can no longer see the raised beds and then have a big mess.

This year my husband is working for a local farm helping with the hay. They do a few fields of oats, and then straw. One day he brought me a bale of straw to use on the strawberries. It was a lot more straw than I needed for the strawberries, so I decided to start using it between the raised beds. I put it on very thick and have been quite happy with the results.

Straw in Garden Path

He has since brought home 2 more bales, so I should have plenty to finish and have some leftover to start the spring with. I am hoping this will be the solution we are looking for. It sure does look nice!

Straw Around Raised Beds