Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Decorating, Giving New Life

Wine Glass Candle Holder
As the holidays approach we look for creative ways to decorate that don’t cost a lot of money. What better way than to give something in your home new life.

Each year we search the cupboards for items that can serve dual purposes; this year we are using wine glasses as candle holders. Candles add a cozy and festive touch to any meal, and a tea light placed in the glass is all it takes.

The glasses can be plain or fancy, short or tall. Having different heights together can make a lovely arrangement. Place them on a tray; add some greens and you have an instant centerpiece.

Decorative bowls can also be used as candle holders. Add glass beads for a sophisticated look, or polished stones for more of a natural feel.

There are many options, just be creative and start experimenting!

Wine Glass Candle Holders
Wine Glass Candle Holders