Saturday, June 19, 2010

Carlo, Our Newest Member of the Family

Carlo and Emma

On Saturday, June 12th, 2010 Emma's calf, Carlo was born. Emma is our Dexter, Hereford cross and was bred with a Dexter bull, so Carlo is ¾ Dexter and ¼ Hereford. Carlo is Emma's first calf, so we were hoping to be around in case she had any problems.

We weren't with her when the actual birth happened, but heard her mooing shortly after. Carlo was still wet when we found him and Emma was cleaning him up.

We thought everything was going to be fine (it was about 10PM by then) so we went to bed. About 3AM I was awoken by mooing. Carlo was on the wrong side of the fence, and Emma was letting me know about it. I got up, got him back with mama and noticed she wouldn't let him nurse. Every time he would try, she would kick him away. I got her into the stall, hooked her up, but she still wouldn't let him nurse.

I woke my husband up about 4AM and he came out to help. One of us had to hold Emma so she couldn't move around and the other had to guide Carlo to her udder. It was quite a chore, but he finally did get a full belly.

We had to do that for three mornings and two nights. By the third night Emma let him nurse on her own and now she is the perfect mother. She is nursing as she should, he has learned to stay with her or come when she calls and we are able to pat him and play with him without her getting upset.


Molly, our Dexter cow is due in August. This will be her third, so I don't think there will be any problems there. And Carlo will have a playmate.


  1. Wow - Look at those lashes. He's a keeper. Emily in So. TX

  2. Congratulations, Emma! He's a fine looking fellow. What a lucky calf to have such a good and loving place to grow up!

  3. Lord W, so nice to have you back! Emma and Carlo are doing really well. He's quite a little devil running all over the pasture!

  4. Congradulations! He is beautiful! Talked to someone who rented a bull for breeding.... He had to pay for not only the bull, but the bulls food... Costed him alot.... Have you considered having him collected eventually for Artificial Insemination?

  5. Andy and Cheryl, We thought of keeping him as a bull to breed out, but not sure if we really want a bull. He may become a steer and a pet....not sure yet!

  6. I am also homesteading in Maine, love your site, lots of great info! Do you ever have Dexters for sale? I am looking for one for a family cow. Thank you!

  7. Hi Cindy, We haven't sold any of our cows yet (get too attached) but we may have to sooner or later, I can only keep so many. Right now we only have one full blooded Dexter and she is due to calf in August. She was bred with a Witrex/Lineback (not sure of the spelling), so it will be interesting to see what the baby will look like. I will put on a post when the baby is born....we're hoping for a girl.

    Thanks for reading : )