Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Building a Boules Court

Boules Court

Building a Boules Court

Our favorite movie is Peter Mayle's “A Year in Provence”; I think we have seen it about 10 times (the only movie we have ever purchased to own). In the movie they play the game of boules, or petanque, as is is also called, and we just had to try it.

We found a great set of boules balls on ebay and decided we needed a court to play on. The big project of this year.

In our back yard, which is relatively flat, we had a flower garden that was being taken over by weeds. We figured this would be a good spot for the court. The first step was transplanting all the flowers, then cutting the weeds down with a mower. Lumber was cut with the saw mill, and a load of gravel was ordered. The court measures 13' by 38' and the bottom is covered with a weed blocking ground cloth.
The court, ready to fill
We built the frame, got it level and started hauling in gravel (a skid steer worked real well for this part). Our court took about 12 yards of gravel. After the gravel was all in place we raked it as smooth as possible. Boules court being filled with gravel
Already we have spend many hours playing boules, now we need to teach the game to a few friends!


  1. Wondermous!! Are there going to be teams? Will there be championships with the whole semi-final thing? I think the trophy should be a golden milking bucket. I can design your team uniforms!! Totally distract the competition with sparkles.

  2. Love the uniform idea! (and the golden milking, where to find one?). I wish we did know some other people who played, going to have to teach some friends!

  3. I have read his book "A Good Year" but have not read "A Year in Provence"

    It sounds like you are having a great time with it. And can't wait to see Lord Wellbourne's uniforms.

    Emily in So. Tx

  4. Thanks, Emily. Yes, the uniforms will be interesting : ) We have been having a lot of fun with the new court.


  5. Hello there, My name is Pierre and I am moving soon from the New york suburbs (where I presently live and work for the Trader Joe's Company in Larchmont,NY) to Portland where Trader Joe's Neighborhood Grocery Store is opening this fall. I will be soon working there.
    I am also the President of Boules Larchmontaises Petanque Club, small Boules Club to compare with La Boule New Yorkaise, located in Manhattan, and New York Petanque Club, located in Brooklyn, NY.
    I was wondering where you are actually located in Maine and if the weather cooperates, maybe we could play some petanque games together ?
    Please let me know, I'd be very happy to play with you in the near future and give you some tips about the official rules of Petanque, considering I am an official Umpire for FPUSA (Federation Petanque USA).
    you can contact me by E-mail at or on my preferred petanque E-mail address :
    Thank you all;
    Regards, Pierre Perrier

  6. Thanks, Pierre. We are about 2 hours north of Portland. I am glad to hear they are opening a Trader Joe's in Maine. It is one of my favorite stores. Will you be doing any boules activities in the Portland area?

  7. Absolutely; it is my hobby my passion etc...
    This the actual and official Maine petanque club in Blue Hill :
    PO BOX 1300
    BLUE HILL ME 04614

    But I am thinking about creating a new club in the Portland area also once I'll get there.
    I would be delighted to come visit you once I'm settled up-there. Could you let me know where your Homestead farm is located and if you are offering B&B service ? I would be happy to meet with you and talk to you about that very french game of petanque :) !!
    Merci, Nancy for you reply, sincerely,
    Pierre Perrier, President of Boules Larchmontaises,NY Petanque Club.

  8. Creation of a Brand New Petanque Club in Portland, ME
    par Perrier Pierre, 19 octobre 2010, à 07:11

    Good morning, Portland, Me.

    Would anybody be interested in playing the famous french game of "Petanque" or "boules" ?

    I recently moved to Portland to work for the Brand New Trader Joe's Portland at 87 Marginal Way after transferring from Larchmont, NY store in Westchester, NY.

    While living in Larchmont, I created and ran a small "Petanque" club as President of "Boules Larcmontaises, NY".

    I am an official licensee of the FPUSA (Federation Petanque USA), and certified club level Umpire.

    I am right now residing in Old Orchard Beach, ME, and would be interested in promoting the game of "Petanque" in Portland, Me by creating a new Petanque Club in Portland and find some places to play (outdoor and indoor (of course in the winter) ).

    Anybody who would be interested to play for or to sponsor a "Petanque" Club in Portland, ME, please feel free to contact me by messaging me on my facebook page.

    If any Representative of the Portland Parks and Recreation Department would be also interested, I would be happy to meet with that person.

    Petanque is already represented in Maine by


    - An unofficial petanque club in Old Orchard Beach, ME

    - Petanque courts are being built in Augusta, ME :

    Thank you all for reading me; I love your City.


    Pierre Perrier

  9. I will be moving to Augusta 9(within the city) in the next couple of months and would love to play. john

  10. John, it is great to see Pierre's info on the courts being built in Augusta. Sounds like a great summer time event!