Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goals: Fact or Fiction

The problem with goals is the awful feeling you get when you don't reach them. Don't get me wrong, we set a lot of goals that we reach, but sometimes I think we set goals too high, for too many things. It's so easy to sit with pen and paper and make a list of “Goals for the Summer” and then have the summer fly by, with barely a scratch to the paper.

We have many “To Do” lists, which are usually simple things; fix a broken window. Goals on the other hand, tend to be major; build deck. Oh boy....where has the summer gone! (I know, it's not over yet). We also have long term goals that may take 3 or more years. I like the extra time.

I guess the biggest thing I have learned from all my goal writing is to try not to make it too overwhelming. There is nothing wrong with only getting a few projects done in a year. The project police won't come and arrest us. The neighbours don't care what we get done...neither do all the animals (unless it has to do directly with them). We are trying so hard to make more time for ourselves. Time to be lazy.

Here is an update on how our goals for 2010 are coming along.

Make Pasta: Not yet

Build Workshop
: Change of plans. Going to use another space and save ourselves from having to build an extra building. Here is a time when we used our heads to try and make work lighter for ourselves.

Set Up Blacksmith Shop
: Still planning and looking for tools.

Forage More Food: This is something we have done a lot better on this year. We are finding plants on our property that are quite tasty. We are also working on a booklet on what we are finding.

Extend Our Loft: Still thinking

Redo Cab On Plow Truck
: Sold plow truck instead. That was an hard project turned easy.

Redo Woodshed: Maybe next year

Learn To Make Head Yoke For Oxen
: Our dear friend who was the head yoke expert passed away last month. This will be on hold for awhile.

Climb Borestone Mountain
: Good fall trip

Plant One Or More Fruit Tree, Nut Tree and Berry Bush
: Planted a pear and peach tree and more grapes.
Plan Outdoor Kitchen: We're planning

Propagate More Plants
: Always working on this one.

Build Front Deck With Grape Railing
: The grapes are wishing we would hurry up and do this.

Christmas Tree Patch: Taking what is already growing and doing some pruning . Making a nice patch

Ice House Experiment
: Figured we need cold weather for this one (is that a good excuse?)

Worms: Can't decide on a good place to keep them

More Rain Water Collection
: Done, but still could add more

Build Solar Oven, Kiln and Dehydrator: My dream......

Become More Organized.....WOW. Actually, this is the one we are doing the best on. It has been the summer of organization...I love it!

Reduce Trash: Yup!

Use Less Plastic: Yup!

Stay On Top Of GMO Issues
: An on going thing....GMO issues have us very concerned. What's wrong with regular food? Why does it have to become a scientific experiment?

Eat Only Local Food: We get closer to this goal every day.

Avoid Buying Products From China
: Very difficult when you pay attention, but we are on top of it.

Overall I think we have done very well, and we have done a lot of things that are not on our it too late to add them on, just so we can cross them off????


  1. "is it too late to add them on, just so we can cross them off????"

    I laughed at this one - sometimes it is definitely ok, so you can see what you actually did!

    Sounds like you have an ambitious but do-able list. Congratulations on seeking to live more sustainably, and taking productive steps to get there!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. I have to admit that I often do add the things we finished because it does make me feel good to see more accomplished!

  3. Just coming up with a goal list is one of my goals. Because of the responsibilities where my mother's healthcare is concerned I have to limit myself in the project department. I take every accomplishment and completion as a victory. I think you and everyone at the Grant Farm are setting a very fine example for the rest of us!

  4. Thank you Lord Wellbourne. Caring for another person does become a full time job in itself. She is lucky to have you : )

  5. Oh, I hear you! Although I find that I absolutely need goals nonetheless; without them I go adrift. I just look at all I accomplish in my day job and know that applying a few goals to my non-day job life will do a lot.

    Still, the letdown when I get behind? Ugh. :)

  6. I know what you mean about the let down. It used to bother me a lot, not now as much. I guess there is a lot to be said for home brew (lol)! Seriously though, I have learned that there is only so much we can do...the project and goals will always be there!

  7. We are looking to Maine and would love to homestead. What advice can you give?

  8. Hi, read read. We have read (and are always reading more) books etc on other people's experiences. Of course living it is different than just reading about it, but at least you get some ideas. Where are you now? City or country? Start making some small changes wherever you are now. We look at so many things differently than we used to (every time it rains it drives me crazy that I'm not collecting more rain water) and we are working on an idea for a wind powered fan for inside the house (absolutely no power, just wind). Homesteading can make one quite creative!
    Good luck!