Monday, September 27, 2010

Rice & Bean Salad

Rice & Bean Salad

This rice and bean salad makes a great side dish, or even lunch.

Rice & Bean Salad
2 cups rice; cooked
2 cups beans, lima/or choice (dried beans); cooked
1 tablespoon celery leaves; dried or 1/4 cup celery
1 small onion; chopped
2 tablespoons pickled garlic scapes; optional
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons herbal vinegar; or apple cider vinegar
salt and pepper; to taste

We used cooked dried lima beans in this recipe. I think another type of dried bean would work better, the lima beans got a bit mushy, but the taste was great. Measure the 2 cups of beans after they are cooked, not before.

Combine cooked rice and cooked beans in a large bowl.

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. More oil or vinegar can be used as needed to taste.


  1. I would have used other beans, too. Never developed a liking for Limas. This weekend I'm going to make red beans and rice Texas style--well, maybe not quite as fiery. I think rice is very undervalued anymore. It has such versatility.

  2. I agree......we eat rice with so many different things. Never gets boring!

  3. Yum yum rice and beans. I am doing more with beans lately. I need to keep an eye out for dried lima beans. When I was a younger (like 5-6 years old) I used to eat them out of a can (snack time) and I still like them today. I know I am in the minority on that one. I tried growing black beans for drying this past spring. Oh the plants grew great, had great flowers, but no beans at all. I will try again next year. I don't have room in the fall garden to try now. Thanks for another great recipe. Emily

  4. I also have been known to eat lima beans out of the can : )

    We never seem to have the room to grow drying beans, but are lucky that people in the area grow them.

    Hope you enjoy the recipe, Emily. Thanks for reading.

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