Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For The Love Of........Beer?

Yes, we do enjoy the occasional (occasional?) glass of home brew. And now that we have a truly wonderful home brew supply store not too far from home we really have been having fun.

Home brew has helped us in many ways; some of our more creative ideas have been hatched over a home brew (read here), and our choice for flavors is only limited by our imagination. We sit in our favorite chairs by the wood stove and toss out ideas to each other – how about honey and mint, or maybe some squash.....spelt? It's all fair game.

We won't go into detail on how to make home brew, there are many sites and books that cover that in great detail, but we will encourage anyone who has thought about brewing their own beer to go for it. Brewing can be very simple or complex, depending upon your time, space and desires. We often do simple, quick batches.

The most important thing is to just try - A local home brew club is a great way to learn. Once you get started, you'll be hooked. Just be careful about some of the ideas you come up with while sipping- you too may end up without a kitchen stove.


  1. My husband has an allergy to alcohol, I will admit to drinking some wine now and then, and I know if I drank more beer I would be into home brewing. I have considered making some wine and it remains on the list of things to do one day. I laugh thinking of what ideas (crazy or not) I would come up with while drinking any home brew. Emily

  2. Emily, some of the ideas are not good ones, but on the whole we do pretty well. Making wine is very easy as well, and what's nice about wine making is you can do just a one gallon batch. Almost all the wine we make is just one gallon at a time and most is made in the summer with whatever fruit we have (apples are a big one for us). It is fun.
    Happy New Year : )
    ~ Nancy

  3. I was thinking of the wine especially since we just planted some fruit tree (apple is one of them). I know I have a few years to wait for fruit, but I can do that. I also want to plant some blackberries....again, wine enters the mind (along with jam and sauce and other things).

  4. There are so many possibilities for wine. We've done potato wine, all the berries and apples, even a mixed up batch or two of leftover fruits and juices.

  5. Watch out Sam Adams! The Grants are a-coming!