Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birch Syrup

Birch Syrup
Tapping Birch Trees

A few years ago we started doing something that caused quite a few “raised eye brows” around here- we tapped birch trees.

Birch sap starts to run about the time maple stops, and more sap is required to make syrup, about 60 gallons of sap to equal one gallon of syrup.

The trees are tapped the same way as maple, and the sap is cooked down in the same manner, simply boil until desired consistency is reached.

So far all we use the finished product for is making beer and, when cooked down a bit thicker, a replacement for molasses.

We have been successful in using the “birch molasses” in baked beans, breads and cookies; the taste is wonderful and it's one less thing on our grocery shopping list.

Future plans include birch soda and birch wine.