Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home Made Log Arch For ATV

Log Arch

Home Made Log Arch For ATV

This log arch was made from all scrap/salvaged materials and has worked really well for us. Here is how it was made:

The log arch measures 14” wide at the front and 37” inside the arch on back.

Basic materials:
Two 1 1/2” pipe 6 ½' long
One 1 1/2” pipe 6' long
Three 2” pipe, 22” long
Four 2” pipe 14” long
Angle Iron
Square steel (2”)
Misc. iron/steel plates
Tires from a Ford PU truck
Boat wench
Trailer hitch
Twelve feet of 3/8” cable
Slip hook

We started with two pieces of 22” long (2”) pipe and cut a 40° angle on one end of each pipe. Next, we took three of the 14” long (2”) pipe and cut 40° angles on both ends of the 3 pieces.
Those five pieces were welded together to form the arch.

Once those pieces were welded, we welded one end of each of the 6 ½' (1 1/2”) pipe 90° to the bottom sides of the arch with the other end welded to each end of a 14” (1 1/2” x 1 1/2”) angle iron.

Then we welded the 6' (1 1/2”) pipe to the center of the top of the arch.

The forth piece of 14” (2”) pipe was then welded to the center of the angel iron that holds the two 6 ½' pieces of pipe and the other end is at an angle and connected to the 6' (1 1/2”) pipe.

Hubs were then welded onto the outside of the arch where the 6 ½' piece was welded to the 2” piece.

Next, we welded a 14” piece of 2” square steel to the center of the angle iron on the front and welded flat steel on the bottom of that to reinforce it.

A piece of 2” square steel about 16” long was welded onto the end of the 4' piece straight up and down at 90° to the 4' piece for attaching pulleys. We then welded this to the top of the arch along the 6 ½ ' piece of pipe.

We notched each end and drilled a hole through to mount the steel pulleys on each end of the 16” piece.

A 1/4” triangle steel plate was welded to where the 4' and 16” piece meet for reinforcement. And 4 gusset plates were welded over each joint of the arch, also for reinforcement.

A short 1 1/2” angle iron piece was welded on the bottom of the 6 ½' (1 1/2”) pipe and the end notched, leaving a 2 1/2” tab that bent around the 2” pipe and everything was welded together to reinforce for pulling the log.

A boat wench was bolted to the front bottom side of the of the 6' (1 1'2”) pipe. We took about 12' of 3/8 cable and ran it through the pulley and clamped a slip hook on to it.

On the front we bolted a 1 1/2” trailer hitch.

We mounted the tires and the arch was ready to go.
So far, so good.

Log Arch

Log Arch

Log Arch