Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Easy to Make Screen House for Hen and Babies

Gwen and Baby in Chciken Screen House

An Easy to Make Screen House for Hen and Babies

We are always on the look out for items to be reused and saved from the landfill. When we saw wooden framed window screens at a yard sale one day we knew they were too good to pass up. At the time we didn't have a use for them, but since then they have been used over and over again as a chicken screen house.

The screens measure about 3' by 4 ½' and screw together easily. We have enough to cover the top (we don't screw the top down, but leave them easily removable so that we can climb in and out of the area to change food and water).

Making a Chicken Screen House

We build a small house for the chicken and chicks to sleep in at night, something we can lock up to keep predators away. This fits in the screen house easily and has ventilation at the top so that the chickens don't get too warm in the summer.

Chicken Screen House

We have used these screens for hens with babies, but also for chicks and ducklings that we bought from the feed store. It keeps the babies safe, and yet lets them get fresh air and grass.