Thursday, December 16, 2010

What, My Stove? Are You Nuts??

Well, we did it. Just like that, our gas stove is no longer with us. Yup, gone. Cold turkey (literally).

What prompted this, you ask? I guess you could say “putting our money where our mouth is.” We have been slowly trying to eliminate propane use at our house, which started with the wood fired water heater.During the winter the gas stove is shut off, but still available, kind of like a crutch, a nice security blanket for "bad fire" days. But after some long talks (over a home brew or two) we decided to just take the stove out. There – now there is no excuse.

One thing that helped us arrive at that decision (besides the home brew) was the early Christmas gift of Global Sun Oven® - World's Best Solar OvenA friend has one and absolutely loves it. It's how she does all her summer baking and cooking, doing extra on sunny days to carry them over on cloudy days. She spoke so highly of it that it helped to make our decision easier.

I am a bit concerned about cooking in the summer, although last summer I did use the wood stoves most days (even in 80ยบ F weather) to cook a quick meal (no stews or breads). We have a bread machine we use on sunny days (doesn't effect our solar that way). And, I think we will cheat a little and keep our gas grill......for now.

Wish us luck!