Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making Vanilla Ice Cream

There are some technologies I love, and my ice cream freezer is one. It doesn't use much electricity or take very much time to make wonderful (organic), wholesome ice cream.

home made vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Ice Cream


3 cups cream
1/3 cup honey
2 teaspoons vanilla


Warm one cup of cream enough to dissolve honey. Allow to cool.

Combine honey/cream with the rest of the cream and vanilla, mix well.

Be sure the mixture is cold before adding to ice cream freezer.
pouring ingredients into the ice cream freezer, vanilla ice cream

Freeze according to manufactures instructions.

vanilla ice cream, in the freezer

vanilla ice cream, ready to come out of freezer


  1. Oh, how wonderful! Sure beats the old days sitting on my grandmother's porch turning a crank forever! Although, in a way, I kinda miss it too. Looking back through a golden haze it seems very wholesome and 'American' instead of the torture it actually was.

  2. We can't have ice cream in the house, as my Husband has a problem with it. The problem is he HAS to eat it all at once and his cholesterol doesn't like that ;) That is a good, easy recipe.

  3. Lord Wellbourne, I have never made ice cream by hand, although I think I would enjoy that as well (especially on a hot summer day)

    Jane, It is hard to make ice cream last....very hard! I like this recipe, as well, because it is so easy (and I am all for easy!)

  4. Could I ask which kind of ice cream-maker you are using there? I don't know whether it would be available over here but it would be nice to look for one I know works! (It's Clare Chick, btw, I don't know how to make my comment anything but anonymous!)

  5. Hi Clare Chick : )
    My ice cream maker is a Cuisinart, and I got it from King Arthur flour (.com). It is real easy to use...I just love it!