Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baking Bread In A Solar Oven

Bread Cooked in Sun Oven

Baking Bread In A Solar Oven

I have had to "sneak" in using my solar oven, between the rain, clouds and my schedule. I did, however, make a wonderful loaf of bread last week.

I used the recipe for our "One Rise Bread"

There were some clouds that day, so the oven temp. wasn't as consistent as when I cooked the chicken. The temperature stayed around 325 degrees Fahrenheit, so I just let the bread cook about 15 minutes longer than usual.

Bread Cooking In Sun Oven

I was very happy with the results!


  1. I've never heard of this! How awesome!

  2. oh Nancy! It is a beautiful loaf of bread. I hope you get some more sun soon. If you want to send some of your rain to us in S. TX you can. We have not have any measurable rain in over 6 months. We could sure sure use some rain.

    I see you baked this w/o a cover. I noticed that with your chicken you used a clear glass lid. I thought I had read that it will burn things if you use a clear lid, but yours looks good good (so did the chicken)

    I want one so bad. Until I do get one, I look forward to reading and seeing what you make with yours. Emily

  3. Blondee....yes, it truly is awesome!

    Emily, I have read that it is almost impossible to burn something in a sun oven, but I am sure time will tell. I was very happy with how the bread came out. It is actually sunny now (although the forecast is for clouds) and I am tempted to run out and set the oven up!

  4. THAT'S what I was smelling the other day when I was weeding the hyacinth beds! Had no idea where it came from. It looks delicious. I know, right? This squirrely weather we've been having. You have to be a stealth baker anymore.

  5. You are so good, Lord Wellbourne.....weeding, I mean! I haven't seem to have worked up the courage to tackle that problem yet.

    With our weather this week there will be no sun baking, hopefully next week!

  6. Looks like you're making good use of that oven! Your bread looks great!

  7. Your bread looks lovely :-)

    I have had extraordinary fun using my solar for the past couple of summers.

    Unfortunately, we live in a south facing home, and we get barely any sun in our garden in winter, so solar cooking is not an option then.

    But, everything, including baking beans, has been cooked in the oven. I have had requests to write a solar recipe book, and am in the process of doing so.

    Cooking by the sun - nothing to beat it - just love it!

  8. Dani, I would be interested to hear when you have your recipe book done, I am still such a beginner at this! The weather here has not been cooperating for sun cooking, but I try to sneak something in when I can!


  9. I so want one of these solar ovens!

  10. Amy, I am really loving fact I have a pot roast cooking in it now!

  11. I got the recipe... but alas we have a regular oven. The bread is gorgeous and I imagine that it tasted wonderful!

    I would like a solar oven. One of these days....

    Thank you!

  12. Hi Joey, I have been making this bread recipe for years in a regular gas oven, and it comes out great!

    1. untill you can buy one make one. they cost almost nothing to make. go on the net and there are all kinds of instructions on how to build one. all you need is a shinny pan(aluminum) and a windshield cover also aluminum.

  13. Yes, a home-made one is a great option!