Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tomato Plants From Cuttings

I have read that starting your own tomato plants is very simple to do by taking cuttings off of a mother plant. In fact, it seemed too easy. Finally, last spring we tried it with fantastic success.

tomato plant growing in rosemary

This tomato plant came up on its own in our rosemary plant (from the compost we used to pot the rosemary). I snipped off 6 cuttings and put them in small pots that were filled with our compost and watered well.

After a few days a couple looked like this photo. We kept up with the watering and left the plants in a north facing window so that they wouldn't get sun shinning on them at this early stage.

tomato cutting, on the mend

It took a few weeks, but this photo shows how well they did (5 did fine, one died).

tomato cutting, doing well

We kept them in the small pots and continued to water well for about 3 weeks or so, then transplanted to bigger pots.

We had tomatoes by the end of the summer and managed to keep one cherry tomato plant alive and producing most of the winter.


  1. That's neat! I'll have to try that. :)

  2. I was pleased at how well it worked!

  3. Wow that is neat. Have you started more cuttings from that cherry tomato plant this spring? That would be one perpetual tomato plant. I like the idea though.

    Our tomato plants have been in the ground over a month now. We have a second planting around Aug 1st. I need to remember to just cut them back and let them re-grow for the fall. many people do that around here. By then it is so hot and I am usually so frustrated I just pull them out of the ground to save on watering. We will see what this summer brings. So far it isn't looking really good. Over a month w/o rain. Crossing my fingers. Emily

  4. We have done more cuttings...these plants are just doing great.

    Hope you get the rain you need this year. I know that is a concern for you each year

  5. Very cool, I have never heard of starting them from cutting though I just have to try it now !

  6. I love this! We also live in Maine and we homestead some though definitely not to the same level...hopefully in time we'll be even more so, it's taken a while to get where we are at. I've started (very small) into permaculture, and I'm looking into winter greenhouses so we can continue to grow greens, etc. Right now we're focusing on renovating our home though, but it all takes time! I love seeing this, and I'll definitely give it a go, especially if we have any really strong tomato plants this year in the garden. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it! Not sure where you are in Maine, but feel free to check out what we're up to as well. I'll definitely be reading some of your other posts!

  7. Heather, so glad you found us! You are right....everything takes time! Sometimes I wish we had more! So nice to hear from like minded people : )