Friday, February 22, 2013

Techno No-No?

We recently received an email message from a woman who is in college wanting to do a report on people who choose to live without technology, thinking we might be good people to talk with. She emailed me- I read the message on my Kindle.

While we do try to live a very simple, “back to the land,” if you will, life style, we also enjoy present day innovations- whether it be internet, Kindles, or our doughnut hole maker

So, how to respond to this email? I am not a hypocrite, I truly believe in living a more simple lifestyle while making the most of modern day technology. It required some thought and consideration, maybe even some soul searching.

Basically, we came up with this; we do believe in simple living, growing what we can, using solar power, cutting back whenever we can.

You don't have to be fanatical about it, it can be as simple as changing light bulbs to CFLs, or even better LEDs, as we have recently started doing.

It can be buying foods in bulk to reduce packaging, turning lights off when you leave a room; there are so many things that we have written about in the past that can cause less of a carbon footprint.

I guess in some small (weird) way, I was almost insulted - “live with out technology...we don't live in a cave!” But that was short lived. I know what she means, and what she wants to write about. Maybe we are not the right ones, or maybe I feel guilty (is this a therapy session?).

Some days I do feel as though we should be doing more, but the internet, Kindle (and doughnut hole maker for that matter) are all being powered by the sun. No sun, no doughnut holes. Maybe that is the sacrifice. No sun, no vacuuming. It really is an easy balance.

But, we really do enjoy technology. We love doing our blog, and truly enjoy all of the people we have met because of it. It is a great way to connect with other like-minded people. And we do want to show people that you can live a simple, harmonious, natural life with out being left in the dark.


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