Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Silence of Snow

We had snow last night, a lot of snow. My goodness, it's almost the end of March and there is more snow now than we've had all winter.

There is a profound silence early in the morning after a heavy snow, as though nature doesn't quite want to get up yet. There are no birds chirping, no vehicles, no wind; everything is enjoying the silence.

I linger for a few extra minutes on mornings like this before tackling chores. The chickens don't seem to mind that I am a few minutes behind schedule. I can't help myself. I am hoping I can capture an extra helping of silence to carry me through the day, to keep this peaceful feeling a few moments longer.


  1. I couldn't agree more - there is absolutely nothing to beat the calm, peace and luxurious quiet of the early morning. Enjoy :)

  2. I'm longing for the crisp freshness of snow on our mountain - thanks for the preview :)

  3. Oh I remember that silence after a snow. It is there during a nighttime snow sometimes too. Brings back great memories.

  4. Emily, it is one of my favorite things about living in Maine.