Thursday, May 2, 2013

Starting Cucumber Seeds Under Plastic

For the past few years we have started our cucumbers early in the garden and covered the newly planted patch with plastic. This year we thought we'd try something new.

We've had luck with many plants in big pots, tomatoes, peppers, greens, beans. So this year we're going to try cucumbers.

I planted the seeds yesterday in a large pot and covered it with plastic like I do in the garden. 

We use concrete reinforcement wire to make tomato cages and will use one as a trellis for the cucumbers to grow up.

Hopefully this will work. I will post an update later this summer.


  1. We grow veggies in large wooden containers and have had great succcess. Last year was our first year trying the cukes that way, we didn't get as big a yield as they dried out quickly, and seemingly the extra water didnt work well either ... But we are going to try it again this year with better soil. :)

  2. Good soil can make such a huge difference. I really like the idea of growing in large containers, seems to be easier. Best of luck with your cucumbers this year!

  3. Oh wow! I hope it will work. I'll benefit from your experience...if it works for you I'm going to try! I'll bet it will look gorgeous!

  4. Thanks, Stephen.It should look very cool. We have had luck with large planter boxes, but this will be the first time in a large flower pot!

  5. I've had much success in large pots...I never used tomato cages, but rather gave the vine something to climb on, like a deck rail, or trellis and it worked wonderfully. I'm sure cages will work great though! :) As well, it is very important to use good soil, otherwise your yield will be smaller. I always gave it plant food too, like Miracle Gro. I love the way they look when growing and climbing and it's way cool to go out and pick them from potted can be a regular conversation piece from peeps who've never seen them planted this way. :)

  6. It is so much easier picking from a trellis or some type of upright! As time goes on we will be growing more things "up". I think it is better for the plants as well, more air circulation.