Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Latest Swarm of Honey Bees

We seem to get quite a few honey bee swarms around here, which is really bizarre because we have a hard time keeping our bees through the winter. This has lead us to believe that the bees prefer finding their own habitat; at least that's how we justify it.

These are photos of a swarm that was here last week.

We used to get empty hives to capture the bees into, but now we just let them do their own thing. Not great for honey production, but we are just looking to get enough for ourselves, which has been working out just fine. (Read here how we got our honey this Spring)

We set up empty hives and each year bees seem to move in on their own, with no help from us; sometimes they stay, sometimes not. There are always plenty flying around our apple blossoms and gardens.

We get great enjoyment out of watching the swarms; and we enjoy the bees doing their thing.

As my husband likes to say “Mother Nature has been doing a great job for all these years, why should we interfere”.


  1. Our neighbor just gave us a quart of 'real' honey - there's nothing like real mountain honey. I haven't been brave enough to try bees. Maybe someday:)

  2. free bees, how cool is that?! thank you for sharing.

  3. JoeyLea, You are so right....can't beat real honey!

    Thanks for reading, wild magnolia : )

  4. I'm glad they're thriving somewhere! I hope to begin beekeeping soon.

  5. Stephen, Bees are so interesting....we are so glad to have them around. Thanks for reading :)
    ~ Nancy