Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dividing Rhubarb and Making A New Planting Bed

Dividing Rhubarb and Making A New Planting Bed

If there's one thing I'm good at it's poor planning. Just ask my perennials that get moved year after year, even after I promise them 'this is the last time, I promise!'

This years poor unsuspecting fool was rhubarb.

When I made the first (yes, the rhubarb has actually been in the same spot about 6 years, possibly a record) made the rhubarb bed, I had no intention of moving it. But as the years have gone buy I realized that I want to move the cow pasture a bit, and the rhubarb patch is in the way. Hence, this Spring's overhaul.

Back a few years ago we put up a green house, and thought we might add a second one. We put plastic on the ground and weighed it down. That is as far as we got with those plans.

Along with most things around here, plans changed and we are not putting up a second green house, at least not in that spot.

The good thing is that the grass there has died and the dirt is nice and loose to dig. A perfect spot to move the rhubarb.

I started by digging up the ground and adding some compost from the cow stall. This compost has been decomposing for the past few years and looks great.

I dug up a large patch of rhubarb and divided it to make the replanting easier.

I dug large enough holes to plant the rhubarb and refilled with dirt.

I then added more compost as a mulch and watered well.

I will continue with this process until the rest of the rhubarb is moved.

I am not sure how much of a harvest we will get this year, but this is the last time I will be moving the rhubarb....promise!

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