Sunday, May 26, 2013

Building a New Deck While Keeping the Apple Tree Happy

When we were first trying to decide where to build our house on this piece of land, we discovered an apple tree that was in the way, so we built the house around it. Since then the tree has really flourished, getting stronger and prettier and more fruitful each year.

In almost 10 years we still haven't finished the house (I think part of the problem is that we keep coming up with new ideas, really shouldn't have that home brew), but the apple tree is still one of our favorite features. Each spring we can watch the blossoms forming right from our living room, and come winter the pine grosbeaks eat the decaying apples, right outside our living room window. The view is spectacular.

We decided this Spring that we would like to have a small deck off the house near the apple tree, it's protected from the wind in the Spring and shaded from the sun in the Summer. The problem, the tree.

Since we went to so much trouble with building the house to go around the tree, cutting the tree for a deck was certainly not an option, besides the tree has become like family (did I really just say that?)

The tree got some pruning and the deck was built to compliment the tree.

Now we can enjoy the blossoms even closer, morning coffee and tea is enjoyed under part of the limbs.