Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making Mint Sun Tea

There are some really great ways to conserve energy/power. One of our favorite is to make sun tea, since so many people have  access to the outdoors (and sun) and can make it.

Sun tea can be made with different herbs, regular tea bags and even with spices added for variety; imagination is a great thing when it comes to making sun tea.

For a simple mint sun tea we simply:

Pack a jar full of mint leaves (stems included). The size of the jar depends upon how much sun tea you would like to have.

Fill the jar with water, being sure all the leaves/stems are covered.

Set jar in the sun. The more sun, the stronger the tea is.

We usually let ours sit out all day and bring it indoors in the evening.

We then strain the water from the leaves.

To sweeten, we heat some honey and water together and add it to the tea. We have also added honey to the tea while it is in the sun and let it all steep together.

A friend of ours adds fresh stevia leaves to her tea as a sweetener and has had great luck.

Since sweetness is a matter of preference, it is good to experiment to see what you like.

Store the strained tea in the refrigerator and enjoy on a hot summer day!