Thursday, June 30, 2016

LED Car Lightbulb Replacements Review

Every once in a while we receive a product for free or at a discount for an honest unbiased review. If it fits in with our lifestyle and we think others may be interested we will write about it on our blog.

These are nice little LED's. The light output is white which is not a problem especially for the interior of a vehicle. In the video I didn't state the fact that the light on the left side is the original bulb, and as can be seen, the right side is the LED. With the camera it is hard to see but there is a difference in the light output.

On a side note, there are two wires that are bent around the bottom of the base.If you straighten these you can remove the LED itself from the base, I found this to be a chance to experiment with these bulbs in other 12V applications. I am anxious to try these in some of our solar projects, I think they will work very well. They give out a good amount of light. #iTimo

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