Saturday, June 10, 2017

Where Does The Time Go!

I haven't been here since last September. Wow. How did that happen? Life sometimes gets in the way of, well, life. Last fall  an elderly relative of ours fell and got to the point where he could no longer live alone, so he has moved in with us. He's a city boy and we are definitely not in the city. It's been an adjustment for all.

Around the same time that we were getting the place ready for him to move in I was diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome. Something else to research and adjust to. I was actually happy to get the diagnosis because something has been wrong for years....little things here and there. At least now I know why.

So the gardens aren't as big (lots and lots of planters) and I try not to get too stressed out about the little things. We are still thankful everyday to get to live in such a beautiful space. Especially on days like today when the sun is shinning, the chickens are running around the yard, cows are grazing and the cucumbers are growing.

Things are falling into place more and I have missed my blog. I am hoping to get back to regular posts soon.