Monday, August 14, 2017

New Compost Bin

Isn't it crazy how the simplest things can give us such great pleasure?

 My new compost bin is definitely one of those things! I have been wanting one in the back yard for the past few years just to make life easier (I am all about trying to make life easier any way I can!). Our previous compost bin was on the other side of the house and just far enough away that I didn't get out to it as often as I should, plus it was a pain for getting the compost to the planters.

My husband got the new one built a few weeks ago and I am loving it. It's convenient to the kitchen and planters and I am looking forward to using some of the wonderful compost next spring!


  1. That's a great thing to have. I notice that even if it's just the two of us here we do produce lots of things that could go into a compost bin. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is amazing, isn't it, how much can go into a compost bin! Nice to hear from you Angela, hope all is well!